Increase your sales

Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Cash in on this growing trend by selling your products in your videos with Inviid.


Embed anywhere

Once you are done adding products to your videos with Inviid, you can embed the new shopable video player on your website, on your blog, or almost anywhere!


Your YouTube videos

No need to create new videos, Inviid works with any video already uploaded to YouTube, making it easy to get started with product or brand videos that you already have.


All you need is Shopify... for now

Inviid is currently a very powerful Shopify app that works with your existing Shopify eCommerce store for checkout. However, we are working hard on version 2.0 which will be a stand-alone platform.

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Learn more from your audience

Inviid's dashboard gives you a quick glance of all views, clicks, and shares. It also tracks your most popular videos, making it easy to know which videos are performing, and which need more work.

Inviid Video Analytics

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